A layman’s explaination of Space-time Continuum, Parallel universes, Principle of Causality & teleportation.

Imagine a point. It has no dimensions and indicates a position in a system. Now imagine a second point somewhere else in this system. The first dimension is the line joining these two points. Length. The second dimension adds breadth, so imagine a square scribbled on a sheet of paper. A 3 dimensional object is every object you see around you. It has length, breadth and height. Things are easy to visualise till here.

Let’s try and imagine the 3rd dimension in another way. Let’s say there…

By understanding the biological changes in our bodies that lead to aging & eventual death, we might have a chance of preventing, delaying or even reversing them. Here’s a layman’s explanation of these changes how we might be able to solve them.

Man has been fascinated about immortality for thousands of years. In ancient Greek mythology, ‘ambrosia’ conferred longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it. Multiple cultures believed in a mythical spring, ‘Fountain of youth’, that was thought to give everlasting life to whoever bathed in or drank from it.

However, in modern times most people probably think that aging…

Charter cities give us a chance to perform experiments with futuristic concepts of what our cities could look like.

By 2050, cities in Asia and Africa will add another 2 billion people to their already increasing population. But in many of these developing nations, the rapid population growth is not matched by a corresponding economic growth. Millions of people still lack basic infrastructure, decent living conditions, and job opportunities. Charter cities might be an innovative solution that brings multiple partners to the table to help lift millions out of poverty.

What Is a Charter City?

The concept of a charter city was introduced by Nobel…

Daniel F.Chambliss observed 100s of swimmers at every level of ability, over some half a dozen years to analyse what causes ‘excellence’. By ‘excellence’ he means “consistent superiority of performance.”

Here are the major takeways from this 10 page research paper:

Excellence is not the product of personality characteristics. The excellent swimmers don’t appear to be oddballs, nor are they loners. Traits such as confidence could be an effect of achievement, not the cause of it. There aren’t any obvious character traits that leads to higher chances of excellence.

Excellence does not result from quantitative changes in behavior. Quantitative improvements…

The two most popular styles of traditional Thai music are luk thung and Piphat.

Luk Thung translates to ‘children of the field’, an appropriate name considering the genre is about the hardships of everyday life for the people living in poverty in the rural areas of Thailand. It developed in the mid-20th century during world war-II with influences from Latin America, Asia and, especially, American country music. The songs are typically sung with a distinctive country accent and common use of vibrato (musical effect consisting of a regular, pulsating change of pitch) accompanied by thumping drums and pulsating organ riffs.

Zero to One is like a manifesto for Entrepreneurs. Do check it out! I discuss a concept here that was one of my key takeaways.

Value creation & value capturing are two independent metrics. Peter Thiel said an entrepreneur creates X amount of value and captures Y percentage of it, where X and Y are independent variables. Value capturing is a different ball game all together.

Consider the airline industry which has created a lot of value, but few companies can make a profit (low value capturing). Compare this to Google that is creating lesser value, but is keeping the…

Currently the most accepted theory that explains how ALMOST the entire universe works is ‘the standard model’. It answers the fundamental question — What is everything made of (particles), and how does it hold together (forces). It is a simple and comprehensive theory that explains all the hundreds of particles and complex interactions. It describes three of the four known fundamental forces (the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions) in the universe, as well as classifying all known elementary particles.

It is one of the greatest achievements by mankind by some of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century. More…

First thing first. No, this isn’t a Ronaldo vs Messi debate. So football fans, hakuna your tatas.

We have all seen players hit a ball that swerves and curls in the air. Find below one of the best curling free-kicks of all time. What a beauty! What a footballer requires to achieve such a feat is hours and hours of practice. And the Magnus Effect!

The famous ‘banana’ free kick by Roberto Carlos!

When the ball is kicked and it travels ahead, the air flows from the front of the ball towards the back. This creates a drag — friction…

Ray Dalio is the founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. In this highly acclaimed book, he shares the unconventional principles that he’s developed, refined, and used over the past forty years to create unique results in both life and business.

The book is long, detailed & full of anecdotes that hit you with succinct rules and tactics for life and work. The below attempt to summarise a small section is the proverbial drop in the ocean. Do consider getting the book for yourself.

*Embrace Reality and Deal With It*

Dreams + Reality +…

Failure: A checklist

Most people focus too much on how to get ahead by making the right decisions. An obsession with how to not fail can be a more effective mindset. Doing so requires knowing the behaviours that are likely to cause failure.

Here’s a checklist of bad decisions I’ve witnessed over the years:

Associate complexity with added value.

Surround yourself with people who agree with you or are too afraid to tell you-you're wrong.

Treat information that goes against what you believe as an attack on your intelligence.

Accept past correlations as a clean prediction of the future.



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